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Hot Rocks cooks up a storm

The time taken between ordering and when the food arrives on the table is four to six minutes – and the customer does the rest. Hilder says big restaurants can serve up to 50 people in half an hour.

LOW fat, low maintenance – that’s just what everyone is after. So it’s no wonder Hot Rocks Dining has taken off.

In eight years, Venus Hilder and her former partner, George Hilder, have taken Hot Rocks Dining from a concept to an international success.

Unlike many new businesses, Hilder didn’t wait to gain a reputation in Australia before launching worldwide.

With unabashed confidence, Hilder took the hot-rock cooking sensation to the US.

Hot Rocks Dining is an add-on product for restaurants and cafes. Customers get to cook their own meat on a specially sourced and manufactured rock that is heated in a specially designed oven.

It’s fat-free cooking at its best and, for restaurant owners, is a no-fuss, cost-effective eating revolution.

“The idea came to my former partner about eight years ago,” Hilder says.

“Cooking on stones is not a new idea. The Hawaiians, Fijians and islander have been doing it for centuries. We just reinvented it so it could be brought to the table.

“It sounds like an easy concept but there was a lot of sleepless nights and research and development that went into it before it was launched.

“Not only did we have to get the right types of ovens built and find the rocks, we had to liaise with chefs around the world to put together menus that could be translated to different countries.”


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