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James Wort Executive Chef Dundee’s Restaurant Cairns QLD Australia

Dundee’s Restaurant is the longest running business in Cairns, QLD and has a well-established International and domestic clientele and both cliental have grown very fond of the Hot Rocks we serve for individuals and groups.

Dundee’s first partnered with HOT ROCK Company and Venus way back in 2005 when we upgraded our oven and purchased a new Hot Rock Oven from them which is still going strong , with limited maintenance needed to be honest , over the 18 years we have worked close with Venus in upgrading our platters and purchasing new rocks to keep up with the demand , the service that has been given has been efficient , and always hassle free as we are located the other side of Australia and not easy transporting things in a timely manner.

Serving Hot Rocks at Dundee’s is a very important part of our business, and we hope to continue our long relationship with Hot Rock Company and Venus to service our clients’ needs.

Phil McKern Owner Hibernian Hotel Golden Square (Bendigo VIC)

We have had Hot Rocks at our hotel since 2010 & for the past 13 years we are delighted with the success we have had with them.

We find the customers response is amazing, with many stating “easily the best steak I have had”.
We also that when other customers see someone else having a Hot Rock they say, “We are definitely having one of them next time”.

They certainly create an atmosphere around are restaurant with customers loving the smell & sight of the steak sizzling on the Hot Rock.

Another advantage the Hot Rock has provided to our hotel has been having less pressure on our kitchen staff (especially in past few years with staff shortages), with the customer cooking their own steak on the Hot Rock without the chefs having to cook the steak in the kitchen.

We also find we get a lot a group booking because a few members of a group insist on having a Hot Rock Steak, whilst others can order off our regular menu.

Venus from Hot Rocks is a pleasure to work with & will continue to do for many years to come.


Mark Pink, Managing Director, Pink Duck Bar & Grill, Perth WA

It is with confidence that I can say purchasing Hotrocks and using them to create our own little ‘niche’ was one of the best things we did for our business.

Over the past 10 years we have had Hotrocks available at our restaurant. They quickly became our highest sellers and most popular menu item. We have many customers who will often travel a couple of hours because they love the experience so much and because it is something so different. When opening another two venues earlier this year, the first thing we did was incorporate Hotrocks into the menu, and again the success was invaluable.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Venus and the team at Hot Rock Dining International and it is something we will continue to do for many years to come.

Peter Barrett – Managing Director Carnarvon Motel

We purchased our Hot Rock System in 2016.

WOW. I think we had every person in the town of Carnarvon through our restaurant within 6 months

We have combined it with our Buffet service and it works really well. We are constantly getting comments saying how good it is even after 6 years.

We have different clientele staying with us all the time and the concept works well… always someone out there that has never tried it before and they love it!

Judy Mead, Owner ERICA Hotel VIC

Erica Hotel has had Hot Rocks since 2009. We took ownership in 2015.

Having the hot rock in our hotel is most definitely a plus for our customers and staff.

It makes our hotel a “destination” to dine at.

We always receive positive feedback about this concept and the quality of meat used.

We find there is very little wastage and not much returned to the kitchen.

It is a quick meal to prepare which enables more customers to come through.

Venus and Team at Hot Rock have been very easy and obliging in their service.

Jason Andersen General Manager Lae International Hotel, Morobe PNG

You have a great product; I have been using Hot Rocks since 2014 in PNG and they are very popular. I implemented this into PNG in 3 of our hotels

Murray Down Golf & Country Club

The Swan Hill Club has recently introduced Hot Rocks to our venue. Customers are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

It is something new for the town and has generated interest from lots of our members and visitors.

It’s a great point of difference to our competitors and the staff find it easy to work with.

We look forward to its continued growth as more and more people become hooked on HOT ROCK DINING.


We are more than happy with the follow up from your company.

Once again Many Thanks

Savoy Group

Great Customer Service

Thanks for your prompt response and moreover your customer care

is very much appreciated.

We will set as per operating manual.

With Regards,
Thomas Chacko
Assistant Director of Engineering

The Boulevard Restaurant

Hot Rock has been an integral part of our Restaurant since we opened last July (2013) . The Boulevard Restaurant is benefitting immensely with this product.

The meals are a major drawcard for locals and even interstate guests who stay at our property or visit Mildura. The menu variety is only limited to your own imagination and the meals are presented such that diners love it. In fact, anyone who doesn’t order anything from the Hot Rock Menu is sincerely envious when they see and hear the sizzling meals brought out!

I would recommend the Hot Rock to any Restaurant looking to increase their trade.
The before and after sale, service and training were exemplary, professional and personal. Venus and her team are a credit to this industry.

Marcus Leigh
Boulevard Motor Inn & Restaurant
Ph: 03 5023 5023

The Village Cafe Restaurant & Bar

The Village Cafe Restaurant & Bar in Airlie beach has been using the Hot Rock dining system since November 2009 for nearly five years.

We find it an excellent and unique product that has certainly given us a “Point of Difference” to other restaurants in the area.
It is greatly enjoyed by our customers as it is a healthy, fun and unique way to dine.

We have experienced over the past few years a very significant growth in our sales. Our dinner sales have doubled each of the past five years, certainly Hot Rock dining has helped.

The initial and ongoing support from the Hot Rock team is excellent, I fully recommend this product.

Lawrence R Topp
Village Cafe Restaurant & Bar

Twin Dragon Sports Bar & Lounge

15321 Main St. NE Ste 205
Duvall, WA 98019

Twin Dragon owner Michael Lee challenged General Manager Mike Brittain to find something unique and innovative for his new sports bar. Mike had been to Australia several years before and had eaten on a Hot Rock and totally loved the experience. “Selling the idea to Michael was easy – it was one of those “no-brainers,” commented Mike. “We felt that it was the perfect match for a sports bar and our sports fan clientele…and we were absolutely right. Our customers have universally commented:

‘We are definitely coming back!’
‘We absolutely loved it!’
‘That was the best damn steak I’ve ever had!’
‘I can’t wait to bring my family back.’”

“I have to say that working with Hot Rock has been a breeze. Everything from the financing, to the delivery to the installation went extremely smooth. And the system is much simpler to operate and maintain than we anticipated. Our waitresses have to walk a long way to the tables and they handle the Hot Rock meals with ease. I am positively converted to the Hot Rock experience. Thank you Hot Rock for providing such a successful and profitable product for our restaurant!”

Mike Brittain
General Manager
Twin Dragon Sports Bar & Lounge

Laurieton United Servicemen’s Club

Dear Venus,

Hot Rock has certainly lived up to its reputation of providing a unique dining experience at the Laurieton United Servicemen’s Club.

The fact that the patrons are repeat users of the Hot Rock meals indicates they are extremely happy with the product.

Positive customer feedback definitely justifies our decision to install the system in our club.

Hot Rock provides our patrons with an interesting alternative to our regular menu. The fast that it is healthy and can be cooked just the way they prefer is an added bonus.

To our advantage, the meals are no-fuss, easy to prepare and deliver, and easy to clean up.

Everyone’s a winner with Hot Rock.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Dwyer
Secretary Manager

Waipa Delta Cruising Auckland

We have now had Hot Rocks for about 12 months. We are very pleased with the Hot Rock and consider it a valuable asset to our cruising restaurant on Auckland Harbour. Our customers love it and it is a real point of difference and interactive dining experience.

With Hot Rock our chef can work quickly and efficiently during our cruise as we have a tight time frame to get all the meals out to our customers on time. Preparation can be done ahead of time, and its just a matter of plating and delivering good quality cuts of meat or seafood. We have reduced the number of staff in our kitchen and food wastage is minimal.

The Hot Rock team are great – any questions are answered quickly and we have ordered additional product without any problems.

I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage anyone to invest in this great product.

Sandra Goudie
Waipa Delta Cruising Auckland

Tin Can Bay Country Club

The Tin Can Bay country club purchased the “Hot Rocks” dining system in December 2006.

To say the venture has been a resounding success would be an understatement.

Repeat customers have increased markedly, and new customers are more than satisfied.

The system has increased the efficiency of the kitchen with docket times substantially reduced.

I would strongly recommend the system to establishments looking to inject life into their catering operations.

Mark Whiting
Secretary Manager
Tin Can Bay Country Club

Increased by adding additional Rocks December 2010 and April 2011. Hot Rocks is very popular at Tin Can Bay Country Club.

Mark Whiting
Secretary Manager
Tin Can Bay Country Club

Hotel 3de Agosto

Here we have been extremely busy and Hot Rock has created a real revolution in eating habits in Malabo to the point that I have to build an extension to the restaurant.

Fortunately, due to the initial success with our first Deluxe System, with our second order, I was allowed to bring in top choice beef from the US and Canada and that has made all the difference. What’s served on the stone is crucial.

Only a few weeks after the Presidency agreed on implementing this new concept, the news had spread like “wildfire” in the city and the restaurant is now saturated.
We are extremely happy with our Hot Rocks.

I hear due to our success Hotel xxxxxxx Malabo is contemplating introducing the same concept.

Roland Garoute
Managing Director
Hotel 3de Agosto
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Prince Alfred Hotel & Yamanto Tavern

We purchased our first Hot Rock System in May 2003. In September 2005, we purchased our second system for our Tavern in Yamanto, QLD.

We are proud owners of two Hot Rock Systems. The speed and ease of service is incredible, our customers enjoy a fast and efficient service dining on Hot Rock. Many customers have commented “Hot Rock is not only healthy, but the taste is sensational”. We have a lot of regulars both at Ipswich and Yamanto.

Implementation of Hot Rock System is also an ideal way to cut costs in kitchen and labour and allows us to provide meals when the kitchen is closed. Hot Rock has been a great investment for both restaurants.

We also enjoy the exclusivity rights for both areas.

Hot Rock is “UNREAL”. We highly recommend this unique and versatile system to any pro-active restaurant owner who wants an edge.

Clive Johnson
Prince Alfred Hotel, Ipswich, &
Yamanto Tavern, Yamanto

Bribie Island Bowls Club

Situated right on the Pumicestone Passage the Bribie Island Bowls Club boasts outstanding views throughout the entire club. You can enjoy your meal in the fully air-conditioned bistro while soaking in these views through the panoramic windows, or if you prefer to get a little closer, why not take your meal out onto the beautiful wooden deck.

The Passage View Bistro offers a wide range of menu items to suit every taste and budget, including the brand new Hot Rock dining experience. Choose from Swordfish, Lamb Rump, Cajun Chicken or Rib Eye Fillet served on a volcanic rock which has been heated for 8 hours. Absolutely no fats or oils are used and every bite is perfectly cooked to your liking because you are the one doing the cooking. This is not just a meal, it is an experience.

Also on offer are Frosty Rocks. These are frozen volcanic rocks served to you with creamy vanilla ice cream, along with your choice of 2 toppings and a selection of nuts and lollies. They will provide you with the ingredients, it is up to you to create your dessert masterpiece.

Ash Blue in Wests Ashfield


Dear Venus,

Several years ago I had my first Hot Rock experience. I was hooked. Deciding to open a business in Esperance I followed the advice of a dear friend – Always look for whats not there! It just had to be Hot Rocks.

The opportunity arose when a heritage building became available that was being operated as a small cafe. My business partner and I organised the extension of the dining capacity to a lovely al fresco decked area. Now being able to seat approximately 50 guests we were all set to go. We didn’t even launch into a grand opening, we just opened the doors and let the Hot Rocks do it all.

The feedback was and still is fantastic. Our local farmers can’t believe how great a steak can taste cooked in this way and cooked to their satisfaction. We not only serve steak but a wide variety of good quality meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Always conscious of healthier alternatives for dining I feel proud to be able to offer Hot Rocks because as you know whenever you mention healthier choices quite often people assume it is going to be a tasteless adventure for them, but the proofs in the pudding or on the rock I should say, because flavour and texture is not compromised at all; in fact it is enhanced by this method of cooking. And best of all you know its good for you.

Its not just a meal its an experience enjoyed by groups and couples alike.

From the kitchens point of view, space saving, fast service, no waste and less staff required. We often serve the meals ourselves just to see the delighted looks and gasps of excitement when the diner receives their sizzling Hot Rock meal.

Many thanks to you Venus for the initial support and after sales support. Acquiring the Hot Rock system was the easiest part of establishing our business. And to think initially I wanted to purchase the smallest system, without your knowledge and advice we would have been upgrading to the larger system within months of opening.

Janet Edmondson
Cafe on the Rocks

Yamanto Tavern, Yamanto & Prince Alfred Hotel, Ipswich

We purchased our first Hot Rock System in May 2003. In September 2005, we purchased our second system for our Tavern in Yamanto, QLD.

We are proud owners of two Hot Rock Systems. The speed and ease of service is incredible, our customers enjoy a fast and efficient service dining on Hot Rock. Many customers have commented “Hot Rock is not only healthy, but the taste is sensational”. We have a lot of regulars both at Ipswich and Yamanto.

Implementation of Hot Rock System is also an ideal way to cut costs in kitchen and labour and allows us to provide meals when the kitchen is closed. Hot Rock has been a great investment for both restaurants.

We also enjoy the exclusivity rights for both areas.

Hot Rock is “UNREAL”. We highly recommend this unique and versatile system to any pro-active restaurant owner who wants an edge.

February 2009

We have ordered 60 more rocks, of which 30 was for Yamanto and 30 for Ipswich. We have now had Hot Rocks at Ipswich for 6 years and Yamanto for 4 years.

July 2011

Hot Rocks going extremely well, ordered 30 for Yamanto and 30 for Ipswich.

Hot Rocks have given us the edge and repeat customers for both our businesses.

August 2013

Hot Rocks is here to stay. We have now had Hot Rocks for 10 years plus at Ipswich Restaurant and 8 years at Yamanto Tavern. Our customers at both venues are very happy with the Hot Rock Dining. Ordered 60 extra sets for our restaurants August 2013.

Clive Johnson
Yamanto Tavern, Yamanto
Prince Alfred Hotel, Ipswich

Azure Brasserie

Bowral NSW

A Testimonial to Hot Rock
Hot Rock is great! We can serve healthy, tasty and memorial meals in a fraction of the time required to prepare a normal a-la-carte dish. Our guests love the unique experience and flavour of using the system, at the same time relieving pressure from our busy kitchen.
Our business is located in an area with a high concentration of restaurants and Hot Rock has given us a definite edge over our competitors. Our experience with Hot Rock has been a very positive and beneficial one for our guests, our staff and our business. Although we had already secured a good portion of the market we have increased that share since we started with this system. We can’t recommend Hot Rock enough.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Gillespie

Trapper’s Chop House

19308 E Cottonwood
Parker, CO 80138

Ex-Bronco great Terrell Davis and current Bronco star Rod Smith opened this fourth-floor beefery, housed in the new Holiday Inn Select hotel in Parker Colorado just outside Denver. Every inch of this sprawling steakery exudes elegance, from the 360-degree views of the Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline to the gas fireplace framed with stone. Rust, dark green, beige and touches of burgundy combine to create a soft, romantic and comfortable feel.

“We wanted something truly unique and memorable to complement our newly-created menu. We heard about rock cooking and knew this would be the perfect addition. One call to Hot Rock and we were off and running. They delivered right on cue and have been delivering outstanding service ever since. Hot Rock brings a new way of service to adventuresome diners. People come to Trapper’s from all over just to experience our Hot Rock phenomenon. Although steaks can be ordered fully cooked in the kitchen, most of our customers prefer cooking themselves at the table. We’ve been able to reduce costs in the kitchen while offering fully-prepared, delicious and entertaining meals with “sizzle. “Hot Rock is a hot concept that is here to stay.”

Jeremy Wadley
Executive Chef
Trapper’s Chop House

Lake Charlotte Winery

Hot Rocks Café Wooroloo WA


Lake Charlotte Winery is situated in the Darling Ranges outside of Perth approximately 50 Kms from the city centre; it is on a 100-acre property and sits beside a man made lake.

Basically it is a very simple structure seating up to 60 patrons at one time, it operates Friday andSaturday from 11am to 10pm, Sundays and public Holidays from 11am to 5 pm.

We introduced the Hot Rock Dining System in June 2006.

We found Venus and the staff at Hot Rocks to be very helpful and Proactive in getting us set up with what we needed. We have just increased our Rock numbers from 70 to 100 to cater for the growth in the business after one year.

While we still offer our traditional platters during the day we serve Hot Rocks all day and only Hot Rocks of an evening. We have found it easy to operate and have now established a solid repeat client base.

Some people have been sceptical and I feel had there been an alternative meal then they would have chosen that, but oddly enough the more reluctant they are to try it the better they like it after.

We pride ourselves on the quality of meat offered on the Rock and that is very important, my background is farming and I am still actively breeding beef so I am passionate about my meat.

Having served over 5,000 meals in the first year, we are happy to recommend the Hot Rocks Dining system.

John and Julie Gardner
Lake Charlotte Winery
4750 Bailup Road Wooroloo WA

Shoreline Licensed Steak and Seafood Restaurant and Function Centre, NOWRA

Dear Venus,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the advice and assistance you have given us since we introduced the Hot Rocks Dining System in our restaurant in Nowra NSW.

Although we purchased the system a week before Christmas 2005, we didn’t really start reaping the benefits until after our break in the new year due to the advance Christmas Party bookings. Since the New Year, we have noticed a marked improvement in our turnover in both food and beverages.

Our customers love the freshness and taste of our Hot Rocks and are returning again and again. Word of mouth is traveling very quickly, and being attached to a motel, we are attracting customers from all parts of the world. Patrons on diets are delighted to have a restaurant to go out to for dinner without breaking their diets.

We recently had patrons visiting from Wales and they were extremely interested in introducing the Hot Rocks in their home town. They loved the food and believed it would prove very popular in Wales and thought their daughter could open a restaurant featuring the Hot Rocks. We emailed them the website address and told them how to logon to the UK website.

The Hot Rocks has taken a load off Thalia, my apprentice, and me on very busy nights as the wait staff is able to serve the Hot Rocks directly to patrons with minimal preparation in the kitchen. We have purchased a stainless steel trolley and this has also proved a bonus as we are able to carry the “Rocks”, side dishes, sauces etc to the table all at once.
We are also finding large groups want to make bookings for “all Hot Rocks” nights. Recently we had a booking for around 50 all wanting Hot Rocks. We found it very helpful to be able to “borrow” the additional rocks and plates from you for the evening. It was a very successful evening and there are more to come.

While we are charging less than our normal a la Carte menu prices for the Hot Rocks, people are still ordering entrees as well and our turnover has increased markedly. We have Hot Rocks specials on our “Specials Board” and the most popular of these have proved to be the lobster tails and bugs.

We also like the fact that no one else in Nowra is able to introduce the Hot Rocks dining system. This gives us an edge of “difference” that we believe is vital to survive as a business in Nowra where there are so many other venues in town.

We again wish to thank you for all your assistance and advice.

Best regards

Michael and Kaye Paris
Telephone: 02 4421 5444
Email: shorerest@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.shorelinerestaurant.com.au

1890 Restaurant & Café

84 Hume Highway Mittagong NSW 2575
April 5th 2001

I have now had a Hot Rock system in my establishment for twelve months and in that time the system has helped me increase food sales in both my café and restaurant, while at the same time taking pressure off me in the kitchen as it requires minimum labour to operate. Hot Rock gives us the marketing edge in our very competitive area of business; return patronage to our restaurant has also increased dramatically.

In the time I have used the system there has been nothing but positive feedback from our guests about the way their meals are cooked on the rocks, and it adds entertainment value to the dining experience without compromising on the quality. Another great bonus of the system is many of the guests are travelers and want a healthy meal in a short time, the Hot Rock allows me to deliver a meal within 5 minutes of ordering. They depart being very satisfied having something as quick as any “drive through” but a whole lot tastier and I’m happier because I’ve sold a main meal as opposed to a toasted sandwich.

The system is very adaptable, I use prime steaks, poultry, game, seafood and vegetables. The only rule to follow is to use the best quality produce. We also used the system in our garden area where our guests can enjoy the experience of dining “al fresco” while the food stays hot and insect free. I cannot speak highly enough about the “Hot Rock” system and I’d be happy to talk to any potential user about the system.

Best regards and happy Rocking

Bill Coupland
Ph: 02 48616544

Black Angus Bar & Grill Restaurant


60-70% of our meals are Hot Rocks. It has given us an edge and repeat customers. We are more than happy with the incorporation of Hot Rocks.

This is our second system.

Nick Haggop
Black Angus Bar & Grill Restaurant
Sanctuary Cove
Gold Coast QLD

The Tocumwal Hotel-Motel

17-37 Deniliquin Street, Tocumwal NSW

Since installing Hot Rock, we have noticed:

  • Increased business and profit margins in all aspects
  • Good return business, people who are regular visitors bring their friends.
  • It does save kitchen staff time.
  • Patron satisfaction is very good.
  • We are more than happy to have the Hot Rock.

It is a winner!

John McCoy

Wallacia Hotel

1590 Mulgoa Road, Wallacia NSW 2745
Ph: (02) 4773 8888

Our customers love our new “HOT ROCK” menu giving them a larger variety of unique meals to choose from. We have customers continually coming back for the unique flavor the hot rocks adds to their meal.

We have had functions where the customers have requested only “HOT ROCKS” be served as the main meal – their guests loved it! It was a new experience for them to cook their meal exactly how they liked it and they all were really impressed with the exceptional flavor!

As the Proprietor of a hotel with a very “busy bistro” with a high demand for excellent food it gives us a fantastic “edge” over our competitors enabling us to offer an even larger menu than we would otherwise be able to.

Our Chef loves the addition of “Hot Rock” as he is able to quickly provide our customers with a taste sensation that he could not otherwise achieve with conventional cooking methods. Together with a larger menu that can be served very quickly with less staff, he has welcomed the additional with open arms.

Natalie Herd

McLennan’s Restaurant

Ginninderra Labor Club, Charnwood ACT

The Hot Rock System was implemented into the Ginninderra Labor Club earlier this year. Since then we’ve seen a rapid increase in patronage, as most people are interested to find out about this ‘healthy way of eating’ and what it involves. We’ve noted that people that try the Hot rocks are impressed, not only by the speed of service but by the great flavours that are enhanced by this way of cooking. We have a small kitchen so the advantages to us have been enormous. The rocks have been a huge drawcard. They are fast to prepare and by utilizing different herbs, spices and condiments the menu possibilities are endless, we can assure that no one could ever get bored using this system.

It’s fabulous for both inside and outside dining, even in the cooler months, the food is always hot and cooked to the customers liking every single time. Customers tell us that they love having that control over their food. This is a first class system and we’ve even had enquiries as to where they can obtain a domestic version for their homes.

The Hot Rock management are more than helpful and there is always back-up and support for Hot Rocks. The system is durable and easy to clean, yet another bonus in any restaurant or eating establishment.

We can honestly say that the feedback has been fantastic and this system is a time-saver, labour saver and a wonderful drawcard in our restaurant. Plus it looks GREAT, smells GREAT and above all, tastes GREAT.

Iain and Linda McLennan

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