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Our Domestic Customer Reviews

I’ll order another two please.

They really are the perfect gift!

My partner took the one for my dad and gave it to one of his closest friends.

So I need another for my dad and an extra one.

Everyone loves them

️Send through the cost and I’ll send the money right away

You’re the best.

Thanks again Venus.


Thank you so much again Venus!I have received everything and you have again outdone your customer service.

My friend wants another one for his brother now and possibly I’ll purchase one as another gift for my friends 30th.

My partner who received the first one uses it at least twice a week!

Everytime he uses it he says how much he loves it and that it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever got ♥️

You will hear from me again soon I’m sure for another order.

Jessica xx

Hi Venus,

My partner had so many comments that I need to buy 3 more of the same sets that I originally bought from you!

Two for one of his friends and I’d love to purchase one for my dad for Father’s Day.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you, I don’t often make recommendations of products or companies and you went above and beyond that you deserve recognition for your conduct.

Jessica Sziller Semaphora SA

Thank you so so much!

Was lovely of you to even wrap it for me.

Thankyou! Will definitely recommend you and will purchase more through you in the future

Jessica Sziller

Thank you very much he was over the moon

I think i will be ordering more soon


Good Morning Venus,

I received my parcel yesterday around 2pm thank you so so much,

I wasn’t at work and was rapt when my colleague sent a photo of it been delivered.

The chocolate was a nice touch to.

Thanks again.


I am enquiring as to the purchase of some hot rocks. I frequently visit the Rocklea Hotel and that is all I order.

I think there is no better way to eat steak. I would like to purchase your product for my personal use.


Hi Hot Rock

Thank you for the email regarding instructions and meal ideas.

I look forward to trying these.I received the parcels with Hot Rocks on Tuesday, so amazing service

Alex Hamilton, Sinnamon Park, QLD

Hi Venus

I would like to order 4 more hot rocks as our friends have fallen in love with them after dining on ours!

Please give me a call to finalise payment


Rachel Wood, Gisborne VIC

Hi Hot Rock

Thank you for the email regarding instructions and meal ideas.

I look forward to trying these.I received the parcels with Hot Rocks on Tuesday, so amazing service.

Thank You

Alex Hamilton, Sinnamon Park, QLD

I would like to order 4 more hot rocks as our friends have fallen in love with them after dining on ours!

Please give me a call to finalise payment


Rachel Wood, Gisborne VIC

Thank you for the delivery of the hot rocks have used them several times and they are great.

I appreciate your prompt attention.

Thankyou once again, your a goddess.

Brad Kulise

I thought they was only scheduled to be despatched today, well they arrived today – well done.


Thanks heaps and have a great weekend.


Rob Colgate

Now I must say that we have had an absolute magical dining experience with the 12 domestic Hot Rocks that we had purchased from your company, I am a man who is big on service and I must say that dealing with you and your company has been a brilliant experience, you guys are so focused on service and client relationship which is the key to any business now a days

I will never hesitate to recommend your goods and services to any family and friends as I know you and your team will ensure that the clients experience is a brilliant one and you will go to any lengths to make this happen

Thank you for your brilliant product and service.

Cheers !!

Robert Dias

Smart Planning Mortgages Padstow Heights NSW 2211

Happy owner of 24 Hot Rock sets. Hot Rock is very good and will continue to be. I found that you were a pleasure to deal with, your customer service/ product delivery and the punctual delivery of my order to be excellent. From my end the feedback is nothing but positive. Great to hear from you again.

Peter Wells

Ulladulla NSW

I purchased a set of four Hotrocks for my Husband’s Birthday Present over 12 months ago, as we had just got back from a Holiday in New Zealand where we had experienced them at a Pub.We thought that the idea was excellent and so once back home I started searching high and low for a domestic version back home in Australia.I found through a Google Search Hot Rock Dining International.I contacted them via email and got a quick response about the Domestic version of the Hotrocks and within a couple of weeks I had them.We think that the Hot Rocks are the best way to cook our Steaks and all other kinds of meats.We even cook Corn on the Cob with them.We tend to use them every night for a week sometimes.We think that they are so good that we are looking in the near future to purchase another four Hot Rocks so that we can have more family & Friends over to enjoy the experience.Thank you Hot Rock Dining International – Excellent Product, Excellent Service.

Kind regards

Tanya & Ian Marxsen

Gladstone QLD

P.S. Dec 2013 Purchased 12 additional settings.

I am writing to express my delight of being an owner of 08 “Domestic Hotrocks”.
My husband, daughters (aged 13 and 10) and I absolutely love using them. After trying my first hot rock meal at a restaurant, I decide to investigate the possibility of owning my own, when I came across your website. I realise just how easy they are! Buy your meat and/or seafood, prepare some vegetables or a salad, heat the rocks and away you go! (leaving more time for socialising) and your guests will enjoy the novelty of cooking their own meal to their liking! (When I mention to my daughters that we are using the hotrocks for dinner, the response is always “oh, cool!”)

I love serving “Hotrocks” to my family and because I only need to prepare vegetables or a salad, I find they are quick and easy! Cleaning them afterwards is just as easy, just soak the rocks in hot water and they wipe clean, it’s as simple as that!

Honestly, if you and your family are always too busy for a good wholesome meal, I strongly suggest you try hotrocks, they are “simply the best!”

Kind regards,

Sue Sanderson

Greenwith, South Australia

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I use Hot Rocks with my family and when we have our friends around for dinner. It is a crowd pleaser and as you know everyone has a chance to cook their meal to the exact way they like it whether it be beef, chicken, lamb , fish. It is a fantastic way to entertain. I am also excited about the cold rock and look forward to purchasing these in the near future.


John Lancelott

Sanremo NSW

We’ve just about finished our food and I couldn’t wait to let you know how good the food was with our new Hot Rock setting.
Just fantastic everyone had their steak just how they like it. We cooked fresh veggies on the rock during the meal and they were perfectly cooked.

The Hot Rocks cooking time lasted more than 30mins plus easily, more than enough time (and most importantly) talk as we eat.

Thanks again, and I will recommend these to who ever I can.

William Green

Bathurst, NSW Happy Owner of 08 Domestic Hot Rocks!

My order arrived Friday and we had our first trial tonight – all went really well. We are loving our Hot Rocks.



Peter Hitchcock

Griffith NSW

We have tried our hot rocks, eye fillet Friday Night and smoked salmon Saturday night both were delicious. Trying chicken to night, it is so simple and just cooks to perfection……We JUST LOVE IT!

Kind regards,

Gai Driscoll

Merrimac QLD

Being a happy owner of 8 sets of domestic hot rocks is an understatement, we just love our hot rocks, being a working mum it saves me a lot of time out of kitchen preparing meals, we have tried game meats on the rocks as well cooked exactly how we like it and every bite is just as mouthwatering as the first. Ideal for when I have friends and family, bought some for my friends for Christmas, great presents – healthy choice without even knowing you are eating healthy…..perfect way to enjoy a local cow! Thank You, Hot Rock, you’ve made my work load lighter in the kitchen and the best thing is that EVERYBODY in the family loves dining on the hot rock.

Sabina Amery

Roselands NSW

We have been very happy with our hot rocks.It is convenient, and I find my daughter willing to try all sorts of meat and veg combinations when I try something new on the rocks.They are definitely a no-fuss, no mess way of dining for us, we love it.


Gail Poppnek

Helidon QLD

We have been immensely pleased with the purchase of our domestic hot rocks and have a few other local producers who would like to purchase some.

Netta Robertson

Crown Cattle Co, QLD

Well I must say I have been the talk of the town entertaining with the new addition of the Hot Rocks to my kitchen. I have found the best heating method was to place them in my hooded BBQ for 35 minutes.

Your customer service has been second to none with communication during the delivery time being very comforting. Packaging was certainly at the standard where it needed to be & the additional follow up email containing a great range of cooking ideas along with great tips just finished a great shopping experience off.

I have noticed several restaurants on the Sunshine Coast now using this method of dinning to deliver a great experience so you’re on the right track & good luck in the future.


Luke Amendolia

Sales Manager

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

P 07-54421600 F 07-54421600

The Hot Rock experience has been fantastic!
Living out in a Rural area does not give you much chance of going out to restaurants etc but now with our new Hot Rocks our family and close friends love dining with us!!!

Its so easy to use now my partner loves making dinner now for us as little work needs to be done!!!

Cooking on the stones is a wonderful way of cooking and everyone can cook their own steak to how they want it! The Hot Rocks was a wonderful Birthday Idea! Once again Thank you.

Kind Regards

Tracy 🙂

We absolutely love our hot rocks. We had two daughters who refused to eat steak and now I am begged almost nightly if we can have hot rock steak for dinner and they even want the left over extras from everyone else ( not that there normally is any).

They have been a great investment and a very easy way to enjoy a delicious home meal.

Thank you again,

Robyn Redacliff

(Toowoomba, QLD)

We are certainly enjoying our hot rock experience, we typically have hot rock once per week, we love it!. We are very happy with them. As per your instructions we do find our oven is only just good enough to heat the rocks, even if they are left in for 2 hours with the oven on full the rocks sizzle just long enough for us to finish our meals.

I have not tried heating the rocks in the BBQ as we make do with the oven only and really felt we have not felt the need to use the BBQ to this point. Should you wish to use my comments please feel free.

Many thanks, we are very satisfied!


Gary Cartwright

Canning Vale PerthWA

Hot Rocks is fantastic and a great talking point for dinner parties.

We have had nine cooking only a couple of weeks ago. Please see attached couple of photos.


James and Denise

Welshpool WA

The Hot Rocks have been a great success. We have a set of 10. We have tried heating in the kitchen oven and the BBQ. We found the BBQ to be the best bet. We had friends over to enjoy a meal with us and the Hot Rocks made entertaining a breeze. Something different and fun. I will need to add to my collection soon so I will keep in touch.


Perry & Judy Stafford


All is well here.

Our Hot Rocks and platters arrived safely and we have used them a couple of times already within a week.

The experience we have had is just as we expected – EXCELLENT!

Thanks very much!

Michele Twining

Emerald QLD

Happy Owner of 10 Hot Rock Sets

My husband and I had a delightful meal on our hot rocks a couple of evenings ago. We kept it pretty simple-thin slices of fresh fish. calamari, marinaded steak slices, lightly steamed snow peas, carrots, butternut, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and a couple of Asian dipping sauces.

We heated our domestic hotrocks in the our oven for 2.5hrs @ 250 degrees centigrade and everything cooked perfectly.

We certainly haven’t been disappointed with our hot rock experience.

Shelagh Ford

Mt Nelson, Tasmania

My order arrived Friday and had our first trial tonight – all went really well.

Thank you

one very happy customer

Peter Hitchcock

We both would like to thank you for looking after us while buying the Hot Rock Sets.

From the time we contacted you at Hot Rock Dining International we had all our questions responded to promptly and with the all the information we needed to decide if to purchase or not.

We did indeed decide to purchase the Hot Rocks dinners sets and they arrived packed perfectly with no damage to our sets.

After reading the simple instructions we cooked our first dinner on the hot rocks and it was like being in a resturant but at home.Look forward to having our family and friends over now for a dinner party with a twist as most have not heard to the Hot Rocks cooking.Also trying the other recipies that are in the information we received and also experimenting with our own.

We are looking forward to many fun nights using the Hot Rocks!


Peter & Jayne

Casuarina WA

We have very recently held our first Hot Rock Dining experience with a group of friends and the evening was a huge success.

The Rocks retained heat for approximately 35 minutes and enabled every Diner to cook their meat to their own desired perfection. Such a clean and healthy way to cook a meal with no use of oils or other fats.

Normally entertaining can be exhausting for the host due to the time taken to prepare food. Using the Hot Rocks meant my food preparation was cut down to a minimum and I found I could thoroughly enjoy the whole day leading up to our guests arriving and the evening itself as I had much less to worry about not mention a lot more energy.

We have another Rock party organized already and plan to have many many more.I have no hesitation in recommending you to our family, friends and strangers, you have seamlessly guided us through this new experience and we commend you and your team for the customer service and professionalism we have received.

Many Thanks,

Tom & Michel

Kardinya, Western Australia

I bought the Hot Rock Dining Set for my husband as a birthday gift.He loves to cook and enjoys a good steak.

We have had steaks on hot rocks before in restaurants, in comparison, these Hot Rocks are equal to what you will find in a good restaurant and taste amazing.It is better to use thicker cuts of meat, we heated our rocks up in the webber and it was brilliant,It’s a very social way to eat amongst family and friends, and very easy to use.We bought four sets and will buy more to accommodate hungry guests for dinner.

Michelle Lawrence

Monkland QLD

April 2014

I first tasted hot rock cooking in Melbourne a few months back.

I loved it. I’m a single dad with 3 kids, 19, 16 and 13. Keeping them entertained, food wise is very difficult and can be very expensive if you take them out for dinner often.

Hot Rocks brought a new excitement to eating for the kids.

My oldest is vegetarian. So she had salmon. The other kids and myself had steak. Thinly slides vegetables cooking on another rock, mushroom, capsicum etc…

Quite simply,a fabulous interactive treat. Best chat we’ve had around a dinner table for a while.

Cooking is about the experience… The experience was truly a memorable one.

Kevin Sullivan

Manly Vale , NSW

April 2014

Thank you very much. She actually got them this morning

You’re a pleasure to do business with.


John Barling

02 July 2014

P.S. You will be getting more orders over the next few months. All five kids love them.

Thank you Hot Rock for my 10 HR2 Sets, I am so happy with yourservice communication and follow up has been excellent.

Thank you.. so happy,

Leanne Murphy

Mawson Lakes SA

July 2014

We all love our Hot Rocks – kids and adults! It is easy to prepare, serve and clean up. Coupled with your great service and prompt delivery of our goods after ordering, we would definitely recommend your company, and Hot Rocks dining to anyone!

I am happy for you to use the above comment as a testimonial in advertising.,


Soozi Wilson

Capricorn Star Charters

21 August 2014