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Since 2000 Hot Rock has been supplying restaurants and hotels in Australia and globally with equipment to suit a more modern way of preparing and serving meals. Hot Rock supplies venues with Specialised High Temp Premium Hot Rock ovens made in Australia which can heat volcanic stones varying from 400-600 degrees Celsius. There are numerous especially designed platters from ceramic and bamboo to choose from accommodating different size of Hot Rock volcanic stones.

The diner’s choice of meal is placed on the heated Hot Rock and presented to the diner with simple instructions to finalise their cooking. Steak is extremely popular on the Hot Rock giving the diner original the taste of succulent and juicy steak cooked in its own nutrients and juices. The best part is; the diner is in charge of his/her meal and cook it to their own liking consequently reducing a substantial number of steak dishes not cooked to the diner’s liking sent back to the kitchen. This is a win -win situation for the diner and the Chef.

Owner of the Erica Hotel in the Latrobe Valley, Judy Riddiford said, “Having the Hot Rock menu had increased their clientele and there was very little wastage because the customer cooks their own food and the service is much quicker.”
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Dining out has become much more interesting. With the introduction of the Hot Rock experience you can now enjoy a thick, juicy, trimmed steak or chicken, or maybe a whole fish cooked without oil or fat. This is a healthier alternative to fried or oven baked foods. Food is placed on the volcanic hot rocks and seared on both sides, locking in the nutrients and natural juices. A small amount of sea salt flake is sprinkled over the hot rock before the diners choice of meal is placed onto the rock. The sea salt flake accentuates the original flavour and also stops the meal from excessively sticking on the hot rock.

It is not essential for the sprinkling of the salt onto the hot rock, the meal can be presented on the hot rock without the salt as well.

Steak is trimmed of all excess fat before it is seared and served at the table. You then have the pleasure of eating the food while it is cooking in front of you.

The advantages of this are that your food stays hot from the first bite to the last mouthful and the customer can cook the food just the way they like it. The hot rock continues to cook for up to thirty minutes and can be served with sides of vegetables or salad, chips and a variety of sauces selected to accompany each meal.

Preparation and serving times are cut down significantly so the waiting time to be served a meal is considerably less than using conventional cookers meaning your meal can be served within 4-6 minutes of ordering and a group of 15-20 diners within 25-30 mins, as such a group of 20-30 people within 40-45 minutes from ordering and so forth. Hot rock is also popular for express meals for those diners seeking a healthy alternative to fast food and yet served with minimal fuss and within a few minutes from order. The meal is presented to the diner and the diner cuts bite size portion and places it on the hot rock, the meal is cooked within a few minutes and the diner leaves having a healthy substantial meal full of nutrients. In a relaxed style dining, each diner has up to 30 minutes of dining time where they dine as they go instead of having to cut their entire meat to bite size portions.

When asked if introducing the dish onto their menu had encouraged more customers, Brad Munday, the chef from the Erica hotel commented very enthusiastically, “Absolutely. People come from Melbourne, Mirboo North and Sale.”

If you love desserts then the ‘Frosty Rocks’ are the ideal way to eat them. These are rocks that keep foods such as ice-cream or other summer desserts cold for long periods of time while being eaten. These are also served at the table in trays. No more
consuming a bowl of Ice-cream or mousse only to have it melt Halfway through eating it, especially when the weather is hot.

Restaurants and hotels offering this kind of service can be found in all states of Australia and in 30 plus countries worldwide. It is good to know that food suppliers are benefiting from an Australian owned company which has been responsible for the invention of the modern day Hot Rock Dining brought to the table for the diners and proprietors allowing them a unique and versatile
product with “a point of difference” over their competitors and remarkably reducing food wastage needless to say to the Chef’s joy – speed and ease of service to the customer’s.

Anybody who is looking for something unique when dining out is sure to find it by ordering from the Hot Rock menu.
This way of cooking caters for even the fussiest diner.

see what our customers are saying


We can help you enjoy all of these
advantages plus much more:

  • Have a “Point of Difference” from your competitors in your area of business with a “Unique, Versatile and Invaluable low-cost product With a High Perception Value”
  • Offer your customers a “Strikingly different & Momentous Adventure Dining”, at your Restaurant and would rather find out right away how we might help your Restaurant “ Stand Out From The Rest” whilst offering your customers an “Authentic Unforgettable Dining Experience” for which they keep coming back and bring their family and friends along, not to mention increase your customer base and profits, then, just simply get in touch with us for a friendly chat with one of our consultants, during which we’ll identify and customise your requirements that would be most fitting for your Restaurant.
  • Become the “Talk of the Town” with “The Best Steak” in town (not just limited to Steak)
  • Increase patrons = increase business and have your customers coming back for more. By incorporating the “unique and versatile Hot Rock Dining, a low cost invaluable product With a “High Perception Value will more than fulfil this need.
  • Yes, Offer You, EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS Too, at NO Extra Cost
  • Hot Rock at it’s discretion offers every Customer who purchases a complete Hot Rock Dining System including Oven, Hot Rock will include “EXCLUSIVITY ZONE” to the buyer.
see what our customers are saying

Become the Talk of The Town with “The Best Steak” In Town
“There Is Just No Other ALTERNATIVE to Heated Volcanic, Hot Rock Dining”

Who We Are And Why We Can Help

At Hot Rock, It’s All About “YOU, The Customer”

  • We are the world’s leading Premium Hot Rock Stone Cooking Dining System Supplier.
  • We offer a “Strikingly Unique & Authentic Experience” not just for your Restaurant to Stand Out from the crowd, but most importantly for your valuable Customers to experience and enjoy the adventure dining.
  • With almost 21 years of expertise in the Hot Rock Stone Cooking Dining Industry, we have garnered extensive product knowledge over these years thereby enabling us to better assist our customers and prospective buyers with customised systems that would best suit your business and needs in contrast to selling you complete oven systems that are either too big for your seating capacity and or too small for your requirements consequently hindering expansion as the customer demand grows. We ensure we are the right fit for your business and offer you personalised service that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • In keeping with our mainstream aim and objective to constantly and continuously provide an efficient service, it is our aim to maintain a friendly and long-term business association with all our customers both domestically and internationally. This claim speaks for itself as today we proudly continue to service customers who incorporated Hot Rock Dining not just a few years or 5 to 10 years ago but customers who added Hot Rock Dining up to16 years ago. We are truly grateful for the continued referrals we receive from our new, existing and very long-standing customers. We VALUE all our Customers with equal regard to before and after sale Service, Respect and Ongoing Service. Take a look at what Customers like you are saying.

“A Unique, Versatile and INVALUABLE
low cost product With a High Perception Value”

Who is Hot Rock Dining Suitable
For, and What’s In It For You

A proactive restaurant operator who aspires to:

  • Distinguish their restaurant by offering their valuable customers’ a “momentous dining experience” which they won’t forget, it makes dining more memorable than ever, they will be back for more.
  • Serve the MOST Succulent full flavoured STEAK /Seafood/Poultry/Game Meats by far. There is no other way of enjoying a more succulent and flavoursome steak or any choice of meat/seafood or poultry sealed in its original rich flavour and cooked in its own natural juices with the last bite just as hot as the first!. There is just no other alternative!
  • Increase patron satisfaction (naturally increases return
    patronage). Having had a mouth-watering Steak/poultry/seafood or game meat rich in flavour, sealed and enjoyed in its own natural juices on Hot Rock with the steak cooked to customer’s satisfaction each time and never returned to the kitchen is a happy customer. A happy customer= a happy chef! Customer leaves satisfied.
  • Attract new customers (Become the talk of your town, word of mouth spreads) as your customers talk about the place where they go to dine on the most delectable full flavoured steak or seafood and vegetarian dishes experience that is acquired only by dining on Hot Rock dining.
  • Provide the fastest service in town with quality and exciting range of meals served in 4-6 minutes from order, with dishes limited only by your imagination.
  • Speed and ease of service to your customers (clever work solution for your Chef/Kitchen Staff)
  • Save time and reduce workload of your Chef and Kitchen Staff (Less time spent on presenting Hot Rock meals gives the chef more time and opportunity to prepare a creative la carte menu or training kitchen staff).
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Save on Labour costs. How much is Staff Turnover costing you currently?
  • Save on food wastage, meat is portion controlled. How much is Food wastage costing you currently?

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