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Hot Rock dining hits spot at new restaurant

“Hot Rock” dining is a new concept in Goulburn. The technique itself is very old and dates back to pre-Christian cultures.

George and Maryanne Lipman at the Tattersalls hotel have established a new restaurant and garden where families can dine and enjoy this concept of cook it yourself dining.

The granite rocks are heated in a special oven and placed onto platters. Your meat is then placed on the rock and sealed on one side by the heat and then turned to seal the other, locking in the juices and natural flavours.

Next you slice off pieces as thick or thin as you like and cook them to suit your individual palate. You eat straight from the rock. The food on your rock continues to cook as you eat.

The new restaurant at the rear of the Tattersalls hotel means that families do not have to walk through the bar, they can enter from the car park through the garden area.

The new restaurant has an atrium atmosphere and patrons can choose to dine indoors or out under shade in the garden.

If you are looking for somewhere different to dine with a pleasant relaxed atmosphere the new restaurant at the Tattersalls Hotel is worth a try.

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